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2009 - 42 Years On (John Clarke)

Just over 42 years ago, I left Crossleys on the first of a dozen journeys across the globe. I had to pass via Leeds Polytechnic to do business studies and marketing diplomas and then spent a few months in the USA for Camp America before reaching Australia and the South Pacific islands.

I worked as a wild bull catcher, road train driver, construction worker and project manager for various government and international mining interests, always following my passions for adventure, geology and business. Mr Atkinson (Geology), Miss Houghton (Biology) and Mr Lawford (Geography) are to be congratulated for their endeavours to get me through ‘A' levels.

By 1976, the end of my first decade ‘post-Crossleys', I had returned to Auckland, New Zealand (via six months in South America and three months in Africa) and reconvened my work for the University of Auckland as their Business Manager. I was to remain there for nearly 12 years, before focusing on Mediation, Arbitration and Adjudication in private business and the courts for the rest of my career in New Zealand.

1987 saw me reconsolidate my presence in the South Pacific with my Australian wife Patricia, daughter Lara and mortgage on our five acre seaside home on Waiheke Island, 20 km by ferry off Auckland, where we still reside today. Our 1984/86 flight around the globe had been facilitated by school mate David Tait and his good friend, the ‘Virgin' Richard Branson. Duncan Herbert and Allan Woodhead have always been great social contacts when back in Halifax.

It is now just about 42 months before I formally retire from the traditional workforce. It would appear, therefore, that 42 is the answer but I'm unsure as to what the question was. Perhaps putting this summary together may have been it! What has John Clarke, from the furniture shop in Halifax, been doing with his life post-Crossleys?

We do come back to Halifax as a family at least every four years. We've had the pleasure of catching up with many younger and older ‘crocs' at Standeven and reunions but not much luck in meeting up with many from my year (1958), so if Terry Hensby and Peter Lane, in particular, are reading this, it would be great to hear from you. If any ‘old crocs' are coming to New Zealand, it would be good to meet up with you in Auckland at least.


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