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Our annual social event is Reunion Day, held on the first Saturday in July at the school and always a popular occasion. There is a buffet lunch, which needs to be pre-booked, but old scholars are welcome to drop in during the day simply to have a nostalgic look around the building and the many archive photos on display or perhaps meet up with old friends.  Non-members are welcome to attend.

School is open from 10.15am

Association AGM at 10.30am (members only)

Group photo on the front steps at 1.00pm

Lunch at 1.15 in the main hall and the dining room.

The order form for lunch is included in the magazine and is also now available online to download.

Later in the afternoon, many of those attending wander down to Standeven House for a drink on the terrace and more reminiscing.

We are keen to hear from any groups hoping to hold a special get together with their year group at reunion (e.g. twenty years since starting, fifty years since leaving or any other reason). We can help to get the word out to others by publicising your intentions on the website and in the magazine, display material from the archives that is relevant to your era at reunion and also reserve seating at lunchtime for your group.


We know its early but if you are planning a reunion in 2022 why not start planning now.

Let us know as soon as possible if you are planning a special get together at this year’s reunion.  We can then mention your plans in the magazine.

We already know of the following year groups who are hoping to meet up this year.

1952 - 1959     1957 - 1964        1961 - 1968        1965 - 1972      

1970 - 1977     1971 - 1978      1972 - 1979

Those who started at Crossley and Porter in 1966 are already making plans to celebrate ‘50 years since leaving’ at the 2023 reunion on July 1st.

Having had their ‘50 years since leaving’ get together postponed twice, the year of 1963 – 70 will now aim to meet in 2023 ( 60 years since starting ).

Please use one of the email addresses on the contacts page if you would like to be put in touch with the coordinators of these ‘specials’

Please use one of the email addresses on the contacts page if you would like to be put in touch with others who are also considering reunions for next year.



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