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2016 - The Devil's Disciple (Alan Thompson)

In the 2015 magazine there is a reference to the play ‘The Devil’s Disciple’ by George Bernard Shaw.  I was a member of the cast of this production and here are a few memories from that time (March 1965).


During the school year 1964-65 the sixth form was heavily involved in informal play-readings, usually after school had finished for the day. ‘The Caretaker’ and ‘The Birthday Party’, both by Pinter, were two that spring to mind.  The school had not tackled a large-scale production since ‘Bonaventure’ in 1961, so we persuaded Mr Lucas that it was about time for a new production by the school’s Dramatic Society.  Two plays by Shaw were suggested and we, the potential cast members, decided that ‘The Devil’s Disciple’ would be the one to do. Miss Rothery was the producer, assisted by Mr Lucas, and Mr Webb was Business Manager.  It was also decided to take the production to the Halifax Playhouse instead of using the school stage, as in previous years.


Rehearsals took place after school in various classrooms and eventually on the stage, whilst the sets were constructed under the watchful eye of Mr Gallagher in the Handicraft Department. The girls’ costumes were designed and made by the sixth form girls and Mr Vaughan and members of the sixth form designed and painted the sets.  Mr Webb told the story that the staff at the Playhouse produced a banner outside the building, proudly announcing the forthcoming attraction, but unfortunately they spelt the word ‘Disciple’ wrongly, so the banner had to be hurriedly altered!


The play ran for five nights and was a complete sell-out for all five performances.  It was a great success and was a hugely enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

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